There is a great need in the South Pacific pertaining to the youth.  They are rapidly losing the traditions and culture of their ancestors and trying to find there way in a new western influenced world.  This new generation is being confronted with things their parents and grandparents have no experience in and are turning from the wholesome values that were taught and instead being drawn towards the negative side of the western world.  Also, many of the youth are sent overseas to get an education and we want to be a stepping stone before this change.  Tonga is very limited and we want to create a place where they can dabble in different fields and help prepare them for the possibilities that await them overseas.  As well as for the youth who stay in Tonga and the deportees who need to learn an honest trade we can present oppurtunites to learn different trades (such as construction, mechanics, computers, photography…) to help them provide income for their families.   The islands are forgotten and slipping through the cracks as they are only seen as a tourist destination.