Boston to Tonga

As most of you already know, we have tickets to leave Boston November 20th. We will be in San Diego for a few days visiting our friends Doug and Miranda and then flying 13 hours on Air New Zealand to New Zealand and then 3 hours to our final destination: Tonga. What is slightly different on this next trip is the duration and round trip ticket. I thought i was booking a 9 month trip but somehow (not on purpose) booked only 6 and half months out. SO this trip is much much shorter AND we know when we are leaving. What is similar is we will be staying in the same house we built and without 6 months of our expenses covered. As we are readily learning, there are many miracles along the way that have brought us to this point. During our months here in the U.S. God has blessed us with people who have donated in various ways. And, we have been able to meet several people who's lives have been such an encouragement to us and we feel forever connected with. One blessing was the gift of tools for One Love Inc. And i mean tons of tools! What was crazy about the whole thing was Chris has been telling me for years about these tools and that he felt he should ask for them but never felt right about doing it. I had gotten tired hearing about it because it seemed impossible. When we came back the person who owned them unexpectedly pulled Chris aside and told Chris that God had told him to give them to Chris! We had never mentioned in the past couple of years that Chris [...]