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Our Mission

To engage,create,inspire, and train youth and deportees through a variety of skills shared from those within and outside of Tonga.

About One Love

One Love Inc. was formed in 2013 in the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific. The non-profit was created to open up possibilities with workshops and enhance the community through physical and artistic means.

The Tongan youth are a unique group growing up in the Tongan way as well as being confronted with the rapidly emerging western way. We hope to bridge this gap by creating opportunities for people to share new skill or hobbies that weren’t available before while continuing and encouraging the traditional Tongan work and values. We also want to share job opportunities and trade skills with the Tongan population that has been deported from overseas. Having grown up overseas they do not readily adapt well to a lifestyle that is so different from the western world and generally struggle with resorting to crime to make a living.

The Staff and visiting guests of One Love are encouraged to bring whatever skill they have learned or wish to share with the Tongan youth and deportees. We will provide a space for short-term or long-term workshops to be held. Our desire is to provide a place for youth and deportees to have fun, be artistic, and learn business and trade skills that will be enjoyable or give job opportunities if needed. The skills our board members will be teaching range from skateboarding to construction from martial arts to cooking. The possibilities are limitless with visiting guests adding to the list of what is available. We wish to also to encourage traditional Tongan trade skills, music, art, and handicrafts to be taught and appreciated.

One Love Inc. plans to be as self-sustainable as possible with plans to build tree houses for a unique resort for tourists. As well as provide a stop for tourists to experience some of Tonga’s traditional dancing, food, history, and handicrafts. We will also plant gardens and farm to provide food for the camp and the community.

One Love Staff Members

Chris Paquette
Chris PaquetteFounder
Redantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa qu ab illo un inventore veritatis etras quasi architectos beatae vitae dicta sunt est explicabo sadips ipsum dolores ets.
Ashley Paquete
Ashley PaqueteFounder
Redantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa qu ab illo un inventore veritatis etras quasi architectos beatae vitae dicta sunt est explicabo sadips ipsum dolores ets.
Denis Tu’inukuafe
Denis Tu’inukuafeVolunteer
Denis runs the Tu’i International meat shop in Tonga. He is married with 3 young children and desires to see the youth of Tonga involved in positive activities.
Samuel Hafoka
Samuel HafokaVolunteer
Sam was a school teacher many years in Tonga and will be studying Wing Chung in the US so that he can teach this martial art at One Love Inc.
Todd Henry
Todd HenryVolunteer
Todd is originally from Pennsylvania but currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his wife Anau, and son Ngata. Todd’s interests include travelling, learning about different cultures, photography, skateboarding, and studying the Tongan language
Jerry Paquette
Jerry PaquetteWebmaster
Jerry is a web and graphic designer living in the United States and volunteers his time and expertise to create, manage, and update the LiveOneLove.org website.

One Love Supporters