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“To engage, create, inspire, and train youth and deportees through a variety of skills shared from those within and outside of Tonga.”

Welcome to One Love!

One Love is a non-profit charity operating in the Kingdom of Tonga, an island group located in the South Pacific. The goal of One Love is to provide a place and opportunity for the youth of Tonga to gain new skills and hobbies through workshops, creative and physical activities.

Current Goals

Help One Love Build Tonga’s First Skatepark!

One Love Skate Park in Tonga

Having lived in Tonga for 4 years now, Chris and I, along with our One Love Inc. board members, have been excited to watch the kids here develop their skateboarding skills. We had plans to lease a warehouse for starting this but got word the government has need of it for the upcoming 2019 Pacific games. The funds we had raised for the warehouse will be used in building this skatepark, but we need a little more to build a half pipe for the skatepark.

Aside from the land we live on, skateboarding is almost nonexistent here on the islands and this skatepark could be the beginnings of a skateboard movement. Everyday we watch the kids on our land skateboard in circles, sometimes they create makeshift ramps, but scrap wood is not as available as it is in the US or other countries. They do awesome with what they have but are ready for the next step. We have room to build a skatepark where we live , and we want to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase to Tonga what these kids are capable of and what we would like to do in the future in building a camp for the youth to learn various skills.

This skatepark would be a small step for something bigger in the future as we get the word out for skate sessions on Tonga’s first skatepark. Help us make this dream a reality for the youth in Tonga!

Please Donate to Help Build the Skatepark

About Us

The story of founders Chris & Ashley

“Called to Tonga” is a short 30 minute documentary about the founders of “One Love” and their decision to move their family from the United States to the Kingdom of Tonga.

  • “So overwhelming and heartwarming to watch. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story and faith.”
  • “Thank you for loving and serving my people and being an example of how we should try to help our brothers and sisters back in the island!”
Full Documentary Info Here

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